Aruba-V2Aruba, January 2015

We went to Aruba for New Year’s 2015. It was eleven long months after my foot and I was just beginning to jog again so I took my running shoes to give it a try. The island is very very windy as evidenced by the palm trees in the background and this wind is constant to the point where it just gets tiring. The nice thing is a walking/jogging path set back from the beaches edge. This path takes you by a great many lovely resorts and offers up a nice even surface. My speed was a little slow but it was still an enjoyable experience to be out there again.

We celebrated the new year on a pier bar that we frequented most evenings. There were two female singers who really rocked the place every day and especially on New Year’s eve. There were a ton of fireworks from the various resorts, great music, standing room only and it felt like the pier might collapse under the weight of the party goers at any moment. Good time!

V3Toronto, Canada December 2015

Running has proven to be elusive since my surgery in January. I decided to try some physio on it and the clinic has an Anti-Gravity Treadmill. On it you get zipped into a bag that supports your weight and then reduced it to as little as 40%. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to fly along at a six minute mile. I did this for about six months until my sciatic nerve demanded my attention and I broke away from this indoor training. Sad because it was so much fun.