My World Golfing Tour

hv-bev-v1It seems like injuries impact on my life, forcing me to reconsider my choices of daily activities.  It was a shoulder injury that started me on the road to running.  About five years ago a foot injury and resultant surgery got me into golf.  The summer after the surgery I was recuperating at home, walking a bit but not running and was pretty bored.  My husband was golfing four or five times a week and I just got mad!  I promised myself that I would take up golf once I had healed.  I had tried the game about six years ago and managed to get in about half a dozen games before the foot injury sidelined me.  This time I really wanted to do it.  Golf is a game changer for someone who has loved the speed and solitude of running.  Golf is slow and requires patience, practice and humility.  When I trained as a runner, I expected to improve over time and not go out one day and run a seven minute mile and the next day barely break ten minutes.  In golf I can have a great shot, hole or game and then the next time I strike the ball it flops or flutters.  Grinding of teeth is very common on golf courses.  My style is to attack anything new with gusto, enthusiasm and commitment.  I took lots of golf lessons the first summer and decided to golf every time I could find a golf course.  Since we travel a lot golfing in different places was a natural for me and, fortunately, my husband is an avid golfer so we make sure we get at least one game in wherever we go.  I’ve started My World Golfing Tour and in the past year added pictures of us golfing in Cuba, North Carolina, Italy, England, Florida, Las Vegas, Jamaica as well as our home town, Toronto, and some surrounding areas in Ontario.