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California, viagra 60mg October 2010

In the fall of 2010 we headed off to California for me to attend a business conference and then take in some golf. I had been golfing a bit over the summer, generic having started in May and played about half a dozen games in total. This was a beautiful ocean-side course. There were deer wandering all over the green and you can see one lying down in front of the sand trap. If it had known I was a newbie it might not have been so nonchalant.

Sadly this was to be my last golf game for five years. Shortly after the trip we went to to Cuba  and I injured my foot walking (not running) on the beach. It would four more years following foot surgery that I would be able to try golf again.





Toronto Hunt, side effects Canada, May and September 2010
The first time I hit the links was Victoria Day 2010. I was so nervous!  I golfed about 6-7 times during the summer and was just as jittery each time.  Later that season, on September 29th, we celebrated our 38th anniversary at the club.