Links to new golfer pages

As a new golfer in 2015 I’ve been reading up as much as I can about the game, rules and regulations, tips for newbies, etc.  I am particularly interested in sites that are geared towards new women golfers because I do think they we often have different approaches from men to golf in general.  Golf is a male dominated sport and it can be hard for a woman to “crack the code”.  I know that it can be pretty intimidating to be around a bunch of low handicappers when you’re taking twice as many strokes on every hole.  People say: “We were all new to golf at some point”.  This is, of course true, but many men, like my husband, started golfing when they were mere kids and they just don’t really remember never knowing how to golf.  I still have to ground myself, take a deep breath and remind myself of the movements of the swing before I take that first drive.  I think that for someone who’s been golfing for 50+ years this just isn’t in their memory bank, they just do it.  I hope to get to that point some day.  Right now I’m always afraid that if I don’t golf every few days I’ll forget how.  That’s a new golfer’s biggest fear.  I’m working on overcoming it.

I’ve found some links to help women who are new to the game learn the moves, rules and etiquette.

Golf her Her – New Golfers

Golf Digest – How to get more women into golf