Nassau, Bahamas, December 2008

We went to Nassau again this December to celebrate the anniversary of our first date in 1967 . The weather wasn’t quite as good as last year. I ran on the roads behind the hotel in the morning. There were some broken up sidewalks but then a really nice meridian with palm trees and landscaped gardens, a little treasure that made the journey through the rougher area worth it. My husband wanted to sleep in so I resorted to a commemorative selfie. This little three day getaway was fun, short and sweet.





Quebec City, Quebec, May 2008

We went to the men’s World Ice Hockey Championships in Quebec City in 2008. It was really exciting to watch Team Canada make it to the gold medal game but unfortunately the Russians took the top prize. We were surprised at how many Russians were in the crowd.

Our hotel was a small walk-up with a continental breakfast room. One morning we were having our breakfast and met the “keepers” of the Stanley Cup. It was really interesting talking to them and hearing some of their stories of their travels around the country with the holy grail of hockey.

I found a nice route to run over the Plains of Abraham and then along the promenade by the Chateau Frontenac. I got my husband to walk it with me the first day so that I could figure out the route and not get lost in the early morning. It was a beautiful scenic run seeped in history.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANegril, Jamaica, February 2008

I love the beach in Negril. Running in the early morning this is my beach. There’s the soft sand; the overpass that is kind of rough but has a few moments of trail type running; the surf that get pretty rough at times so that you have to jump up on the banks to avoid soggy shoes; the yellow private house that always seems to be empty but still has a security guard; the rope swing from a long hanging branch where I like to stop for a few moments to enjoy the sunrise; there’s Farmer Joe who’s there every year. There’s always lots of activity on Negril. It always feels like home when I go back.





San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 2008
We went on a wonderful cruise over New Year’s 2008 in the Caribbean. We spent New Year’s on the boat in St Bart’s where all of the private cruise boats had fireworks and we drank champagne to another year. I did some more barefoot running on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s not my favourite way to run, I always prefer proper running shoes. I never feel that I can get a lot of speed barefoot running but that might be because I haven’t done it very much. On one beach I did turn an ankle and decided to limit my barefoot running to just short jogs in the surf. I do admit though that there is something about warm soft sand between the toes that is kind of liberating.