My World Running Tour

CarribeanCruise-Jan2011I don’t know really why I started to run in my 50s.  I just woke up one and decided to try running.  How does that happen?  Well I had broken and dislocated my shoulder that winter and sleeping was very difficult during the healing period.  I would get up in the middle of the night and somehow found myself walking on our treadmill while watching old DVDs.  Eventually I started going faster and faster and really got into the speed and tempo.  That winter I wore out the treadmill and a pair of running shoes.  When spring came I thought why not try outside?  So I would go out before sunrise and run along our main street.  I discovered that I loved the early morning quietness of the city and that there were a lot of others who also went out for a pre-dawn run.  As summer came it was daylight much earlier and I took my running down to the boardwalk to experience the glorious sunrises.  I was hooked and continued to run into the winter, finding suitable shoes and clothing to keep me protected in the colder conditions.  The next summer I hired a running coach who came to my house twice a week at 5:30 am.  We did a lot of speed work on a local track and my speed and endurance became pretty good.  My husband and I have always traveled a lot and, not wanting to stop my training, I would bring along a pair of running shoes and take a run wherever we were.  My husband would come out at least once each place and take a picture for blog “My World Running Tour“.  This pic was taken on a cruise boat track.  Sadly I’ve had some serious foot injuries and surgery and now must limit my running to shorter and slower jogs, quite often with my dog.  It’s still fun but I do miss the speed and Sunday long runs.  I’ve added golf to my life to help fill up the time that I used to spend running.  Sometimes I jog between shots on the golf course just because it’s fun!

The following pages chronicle the places where I’ve run over the past ten years or so.  I hope to add many more. In the meantime I’ve also started My World Golfing Tour which means I need to take another pair of shoes when I travel!