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The 8th Hole
Toronto Hunt

GOLFING : In 2016 I fell in love with golf. Six years ago I had a short foray of a dozen games and then was sidelined by foot surgery. The summer of 2014 I was stuck at home while my husband golfed pretty much every day. I couldn’t run or even walk much and I just got mad and vowed to take up golf as soon as my foot healed.

My husband and I love to travel and because I’m not a big fan of souvenirs I’ve started to collect pictures of places we’ve been. In 2007 I began what I call My World Running Tour. Basically everywhere we travel I run and my husband takes a pic so that I have a visual souvenir of the place. When I recently took up golf with a passion I decided to create My World Golfing Tour. I will add posts to these categories as often as possible and also to other events that impact on my life will be documented.

Ever since my graduate school days I’ve loved doing research.  It’s a favourite pastime of mine so when I got into golf it was natural that I would look at ways to improve my game, what to wear and what equipment would work best in different situations and climates.