Runs with Dolphins

Running at sunrise in Turks & Cacois February 2011

Runs with Dolphins started out as a literal translation.  In 2008 I was visiting friends in Naples Florida.  Every morning I would go out for an early run along the beach near the condo.  One morning just as the sun was rising I noticed two dolphins about 10 feet out in the surf keeping pace with me.  I was thrilled to have their company along that quiet stretch of beach and I believe that they also enjoyed mine.  It was a magical run, created by a momentary symbiotic relationship.  When I came back to the condo the others asked me how my run was and I was so excited, actually jumping up and down, telling them that I had run with the dolphins!

Runs with Dolphins is a state of mind.  It means to me that just like the dolphins who “ran” with me I too am free of limitations.  As I turned 60 when the picture was taken in Turks and Cacois, I realized that I can indeed shape my own future.  This is the journey of my life as I explore new experiences and reminisce about and find meaning in past experiences that have shaped my life.

I am fortunate to have lived 65 amazing years on this place we call earth.  Sometimes hours, days and weeks go by so quickly that I barely notice the passage of time.  But then there’s that moment in an otherwise ordinary day when something special happens and I once again Run with Dolphins.

Come run with me!